Desjardins in the US since 1992

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Desjardins Bank: A full range of financial products and services for all your needs in US dollars.

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[Background music]

[On-screen text: Louis Rhéaume, President and CEO of Desjardins Bank]

Louis Rhéaume: Hello everyone.
My name is Louis Rhéaume, and I'm the President and CEO of Desjardins Bank in the United States.
For 30 years now, Desjardins has been serving Canadian snowbirds in Florida.
Our mission: Be an extension of the caisse network in the US.
With our wide range of financial products and services, we can meet all your needs during your stay.
Thank you for choosing Desjardins. Enjoy your time in the Sunshine State!

[The Desjardins Bank logo appears.]

[On-screen text: 3 Branches in Florida to welcome you]

Narrator: Desjardins Group was the first Canadian banking institution in Florida.

[A photo of Desjardins Bank's Hallandale Beach branch and a timeline appear.]

[On-screen text: 1992 – Hallandale Beach]

[A photo of Desjardins Bank's Pompano Beach branch appears.]

[On-screen text: 2001 – Pompano Beach]

[A photo of Desjardins Bank's Boynton Beach branch appears.]

[On-screen text: 2015 – Boynton Beach]

Narrator: With our full range of services available in US dollars at our 3 branches in Florida, Desjardins Bank's mission is to provide service in French and English to help you achieve your goals.

[A glass door opens and a desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone with images from the website appear.]

[On-screen text: Your needs are changing, so are we!]

Narrator: To address the growing needs of our members and clients, Desjardins Bank has rolled out state-of-the-art technology, including:

[A desktop computer appears and the screen changes from the home page to the Account Registration page followed by the Mortgage page with a QR code inset. The Personal Credit Card page then appears with a Desjardins Bank credit card on each side.]

Narrator:, where members and clients can securely open an account, get pre-approved for a mortgage and apply for a credit card.

[Two mobile devices appear, one with the Desjardins Bank logo and the other with the cheque deposit interface.]

[On-screen text: Desjardins Bank Online Banking tool]

Narrator: Mobile banking services and cheque deposits on your smartphone.

[A hand inserts a Desjardins Bank debit card into an ATM and the Presto and Allpoint logos appear on the ATM screen.]

Narrator: No-fee cash withdrawals with your Desjardins Bank debit card at Presto! ATMs at Publix Super Markets and at Allpoint ATMs.

[A hand holding a mobile device with the Desjardins Bank logo appears and another hand swipes the screen from left to right for the Zelle logo page.]

Narrator: And the Zelle app, which lets you transfer money whenever you want.

[A condo and office buildings on a beach with palm trees appear.]

[On-screen text: Commercial and investor loan]

[A blueprint and architect's tools appear.]

Narrator: Desjardins Bank offers a vast array of financial solutions to help meet all your personal and business needs.

[On-screen text: Mortgages]

[A hand appears holding a mobile device and carries out a credit payment. The word APPROVED appears on a point of sale terminal beside the mobile device.]

[On-screen text: US dollar credit card]

[A toolbox with various tools appears.]

[On-screen text: Home equity line of credit (HELOC)]


[A hand holding a tablet appears and an airplane, building, travel bag, service bell and house key pop up around it.]

[Two customer service agents with headphones and computers with the Desjardins logo appear.]

Narrator: Let us help you achieve your goals!
Whether you're in Canada or Florida, we're here for you. That's our promise!

[A hand appears and places the Desjardins logo.]

[On-screen text: Desjardins Bank]

[On-screen text: 1 800 454-5058]

[On-screen text:]

Narrator: Contact us or visit our website today.


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Local regulations


Desjardins Bank is governed by federal U.S. and Florida state laws, so its products and services are adapted to local regulations. All Desjardins Bank documentation is in English but account holders have access to services in French.

Deposit insurance

Account holders' deposits are insured up to US$250,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Interest on accounts that are insured in this manner is compounded daily. Also in accordance with local regulation: passbooks are not widely used and account holders receive monthly account statements.

Declaring interest income

There are no deductions at source on interest earned on non-resident U.S. accounts as long as a certificate of non-resident status (W-8 BEN form) is filled out and submitted to the bank. This certificate is available from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service). Interest paid by the bank is declared to the U.S. government. Account holders must declare interest income to the Canadian government authorities.

Estate taxes on property in the U.S.

We suggest that you consult a U.S. tax specialist or lawyer about estate taxes applicable to property in the United States. Desjardins Bank can provide you with a list of professionals specializing in various fields such as law, accounting, real estate and immigration.