Desjardins Bank's history

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Canadians have a long, storied love affair with Florida. Desjardins is the first Quebec-based financial institution to have established itself in Florida to provide financial services. Learn about Desjardins Bank's history from 1992 to the present.

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[Background music]

[Various shots of Florida's landscape.]

NARRATOR: Canada's love affair with Florida goes back quite a while.

[Shots of a boardwalk. People are riding bikes and walking by.]

[Friends arrive at the beach to enjoy themselves. A child plays in the sand. Wide shot of a beach, as far as the eye can see.]

NARRATOR: Breathtaking beaches, warm days and a short flight mean that many Canadians have chosen to make their second home in the Sunshine State.

[Shot of the traffic lights at the intersection of Hallandale Beach Boulevard. and NE 10th Avenue.]

NARRATOR: Desjardins Group was the first Quebec institution to open a branch in Florida.

[Shot of the Desjardins Bank building.]

[Desjardins Bank – Hallandale Beach logo appears. Below, a timeline that says 1992.]

NARRATOR: Desjardins Bank has been a part of the Canadian community in Florida since 1992.

[Shot of the outside of the Desjardins Bank – Hallandale Beach building. Inside the bank. A receptionist takes a call. Two tellers work at the counter.]

[The Desjardins Bank – Pompano Beach logo appears on the timeline, at 2001.]

[Shot of the outside of the Desjardins Bank – Pompano Beach building.]

[The camera tilts down from the sun to the Desjardins Bank – Lauderhill building.]

[The Desjardins Bank – Lauderhill logo appears on the timeline, in 2006.]

[Shot of a Desjardins Bank sign against a night sky with fireworks.]

NARRATOR: In 2015, the fourth branch was opened at Boynton Beach, in Palm Beach county, reinforcing our presence in an area that's increasingly popular with Canadians.

[Onscreen text: Boynton Beach.]

[Shot of the Desjardins Bank – Boynton Beach building exterior. Inside the bank. A teller is greeting a client.]

[Onscreen text: Desjardins Bank, closer than ever to its clients.]

[The Desjardins Bank – Boynton Beach logo appears on the timeline, at 2015.]

[Outside shot of a Desjardins Bank flag floating in the breeze.]

NARRATOR: Desjardins Bank's primary mission is to provide modern services that are adapted to the changing needs of our clients.

[Shot of an illuminated fountain at night, along a long avenue lined with palm trees.]

NARRATOR: It's a U.S. bank, governed by U.S. laws, but it is also a wholly owned subsidiary of Desjardins Group.

[Shot of a lighthouse at sunset. Tugboats are tied up onshore. Two boats speed by.]

[A family is boating. They cross a second family, also in their boat.]

[Inside shot of Desjardins Bank. The receptionist directs a client inside. A woman is using a touchscreen next to reception.]

NARRATOR: Desjardins Bank can serve you in French , with the level of quality that you deserve, and that meets the standards that Desjardins is committed to delivering.

[Onscreen text: Advantages: Services in French ]

[Inside shot of Desjardins Bank. Two tellers serve clients and talk.]

[Onscreen text: Advantages: Service quality.]

[Inside shot of Desjardins Bank. An advisor shakes a client's hand and smiles.]

[Onscreen text: Advantages: The Desjardins Promise ]

[Inside shot of Desjardins Bank. Clients are meeting with an advisor, in a glass-walled office.]

NARRATOR: Doing business with Desjardins Bank is reassuring and makes your banking simpler.

[Interior shot of Desjardins Bank. An advisor is talking on the phone with a client.]

[Shot of the outside of a Publix Food & Pharmacy store.]

NARRATOR: You can count on access to more than 1,000 Presto! ATMs, free of charge, in every Publix supermarket.

[ONSCREEN TEXT: Access to more than 1,000 Presto! ATMs, free of charge, at Publix.]

[Shot of a Presto! ATM. A man walks up to the Presto! ATM.]

NARRATOR: Desjardins Bank recently adopted state-of-the-art technology, including mobile banking services and cheque deposits using your smartphone.

[Close up of a Desjardins Bank debit card.]

[Onscreen text: Mobile banking services]

[A woman looks at her smartphone, outside. She opens the Desjardins Bank mobile app. Zoom in on the phone screen. The woman's back is to the camera. She deposits her cheque by taking a picture. Zoom in on the photo of the cheque.]

[Onscreen text: Mobile deposits]

[Shot of a park looking onto a condo building. Children are playing in the park.]

NARRATOR: Whether you're a business owner or just someone with big plans, Desjardins Bank is there to help you with your finances and has a wide range of financing solutions.

[Zoom in on a condo building with palm trees.]

[Zoom in on the image of a silver Desjardins Bank banking card with a black leather wallet.]

[Zoom in on the image of a Desjardins Bank Mastercard debit card with a black leather wallet.]

[Shot of a condo building under construction. A second condo tower under construction. Children are playing in the park.]

[Shot of a second condo building under construction.]

[Shot of a beach filled with lounge chairs and umbrellas.]

NARRATOR: Take a look at Desjardins Bank's offer for travellers. You'll see that it's the perfect solution for all of your needs.

[Shot of the Atlantic Ocean, and a sandy beach filled with people.]

[Shot of a woman lounging outside in a blue hammock.]

[Shot of villas surrounded by trees and palm trees.]

[Shot of the sky and palm trees, from the road.]

[Image of the four Desjardins Bank logos. Desjardins Bank – Hallandale Beach in the upper left. Desjardins Bank – Pompano Beach in the upper right. Desjardins Bank – Lauderhill in the lower left. Desjardins Bank – Boynton Beach in the lower right.]

NARRATOR: Whatever you need, Desjardins Bank can help you reach your goals!

[In the top left corner, a picture of the intersection outside of Desjardins Bank – Hallandale Beach and the building facade. In the upper right, an image of the Desjardins Bank – Pompano Beach facade. In the lower left, an image of the Desjardins Bank – Lauderhill facade. In the lower right, a nighttime image of the Desjardins Bank sign with fireworks.]

NARRATOR: We're there for you in Florida, just like we're there for you in Canada! That's our promise to you!

[Back to the four Desjardins Bank logos. Desjardins Bank – Hallandale Beach in the upper left. Desjardins Bank – Pompano Beach in the upper right. Desjardins Bank – Lauderhill in the lower left. Desjardins Bank – Boynton Beach in the lower right.]

[Desjardins Bank logo]

NARRATOR: Get in touch with us today!

[Onscreen text: Call us: 1-800-454-5058]


Local regulations


Desjardins Bank is governed by federal U.S. and Florida state laws, so its products and services are adapted to local regulations. All Desjardins Bank documentation is in English but account holders have access to services in French.

Deposit insurance

Account holders' deposits are insured up to US$250,000 by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Interest on accounts that are insured in this manner is compounded daily. Also in accordance with local regulation: passbooks are not widely used and account holders receive monthly account statements.

Declaring interest income

There are no deductions at source on interest earned on non-resident U.S. accounts as long as a certificate of non-resident status (W-8 BEN form) is filled out and submitted to the bank. This certificate, available at Desjardins Bank, is valid for 4 years. Interest paid by the bank is declared to the U.S. government. Account holders must declare interest income to the Canadian government authorities.

Estate taxes on property in the U.S.

We suggest that you consult a U.S. tax specialist or lawyer about estate taxes applicable to property in the United States. Desjardins Bank can provide you with a list of professionals specializing in various fields such as law, accounting, real estate and immigration.