Desjardins Bank Debit Card for individuals

More practical than money!


  • U.S. dollar card
  • Direct payments US$1,500 per day
  • ATM withdrawals US$1,000 per day
  • No charge Withdrawals at Publix® supermarket and Allpoint Network ATMs
  • 2 ways to make purchases Choose between debit and signature modes

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Additional information

The Desjardins Bank Debit Card gives you access to a wide network of merchants and ATMs, wherever you are.

  • Limits
    Direct payment purchase limit of US$1,500 per account per day.

    ATM withdrawal limit of US$1,000 per card per day.
  • In the U.S.
    Buy direct at all Mastercard® affiliated merchants.

    Withdraw cash at Desjardins Bank ATMs, Mastercard network ATMs, and, at no charge[ 1 ], Publix® supermarket ATMs and Allpoint® ATMs.
  • In Canada and elsewhere in the world
    Buy direct at all Mastercard-affiliated merchants.

    Withdraw cash at Desjardins Bank ATMs and Mastercard network ATMs.
  • Important:
    The Desjardins Bank Debit Card is only offered for debit transactions requiring one signature.

2 ways to use your card

The Desjardins Bank Debit Card operates according to a widely-used model in the U.S. To make purchases in stores in the U.S., you must choose between 2 modes of payment: debit mode or signature mode[ 2 ].

  • Debit mode purchases: Enter your PIN and the amount of purchase is immediately debited from your bank account.
  • signature mode purchases: Sign the merchant's transaction slip and the transaction amount is held against and immediately applied to your account, and then released and debited within a maximum of 5 days.

In Canada and elsewhere in the world, store purchases made with your Desjardins Bank Debit Card are processed as signature mode purchases[ 3 ].

Guaranteed 100% Secure
Thanks to your Desjardins Bank Debit Card, you also benefit from the Guaranteed 100% Secure program[ 4 ], which protects you against fraud due to unauthorized use of your card.

The Desjardins Bank Debit Card lets you:

  • See your checking account balanceusing an ATM
  • Make withdrawals and deposits of cash and checks drawn on U.S. banks
  • Mmake online purchases
  • Pay bills from organizations that accept Mastercard debit cards
  • place orders by phone

Customer service

® Desjardins Bank is an authorized user of the Mastercard International Inc., Star of Star Systems Inc. and Publix registered trademarks and designs. [Back]

  1. A $3.00 service charge applies to withdrawals made at ATMs other than those owned by Desjardins Bank and charged to your Desjardins Bank account. [Back]
  2. Whichever payment mode is used (debit mode or Signature mode), transactions are accepted only if there are sufficient funds in your account. [Back]
  3. Desjardins Bank Debit Card transactions are protected by the Guaranteed 100% Secure program to the extent they meet the conditions described in your agreement. [Back]
  4. All transactions made abroad with the Desjardins Bank Debit Card will be converted into U.S. dollars. Service fees may apply. [Back]