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Money transfers at the ATM

The money transfer function, which allows you to transfer money directly into the account of another Desjardins member with just a few clicks on AccèsD Internet, is now available at the ATM.

How to have your list of money transfer recipients displayed at the ATM

If you already use the money transfer function on AccèsD Internet
To be able to call up a list of money transfer recipients the next time you are at the ATM, first log on to AccèsD and click on User file in the upper right-hand portion of the screen.

Once on the User file page, click on Manage list of recipients at the ATM under Money transfers in the left-hand menu, and then, in the "Accessible at the ATM" column, check the box next to each recipient you want to have displayed at the ATM

If you are not an AccèsD Internet user
First get the following information from the recipients you want to add to your file:

  • Identification number (caisse or branch transit number)
  • Institution number
  • 6-digit account or folio number (including zeros) followed by the check digit (a total of 7 digits without spaces or dashes).

Or ask them for a specimen cheque marked "Void" so it can't be used again, and locate the information on the cheque.

To activate the money transfer function at the ATM and create your list of recipients, call an AccèsD advisor at 1-800-CAISSES (1-800-224-7737) or 514-CAISSES (514-224-7737) in the Montreal area, or visit your caisse.

How to make a money transfer at the ATM

Once you've entered your recipients, you can transfer money into their account instantaneously at the ATM by following these steps:

  • Select "Transfer", then "Money transfers".
  • Select the account from which you want to make the transfer.
  • Select the appropriate recipient in the predefined list displayed on the screen.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Confirm the transfer.
You can use money transfers to easily and securely pay your rent, plumber, day care centre, your portion of a group gift or reservation, etc., or to help out a parent, friend or child studying away from home…and get paid back, too!