Bill payments

Pay your recurring bills such as telephone, electricity, gas, cable, credit card, etc.

Main features

Only Desjardins Bank Online Banking users can use bill payment services.
Scheduled payments
  • Possibility to schedule your payments in advance and modify them.
  • A payment can be scheduled up to 18 months in advance.
  • A scheduled payment can be recurring for up to 10 years.
Payment history
Payment history is retained for 7 years.
Secure message box
Securely contact Desjardins Bank customer service (send and receive e-mails).
E-mail alerts
Receive an e-mail alert once all recurring payments to a supplier have been made, when a scheduled payment cannot be processed, etc.
E-mail reminders
Create personalized e-mail alerts to remind you of certain events.
Eligible suppliers
  • Unlimited number of suppliers in various categories.
  • Exceptions: government organizations and tax authorities.
Initiate a research or investigation request for a specific payment.
Procedure for late fees
Possibility to ask the supplier to waive any late fees billed to your account. If all payment guidelines were followed and the supplier is unwilling to waive late fees, Desjardins Bank commits to covering up to $50 in fees.

How it works

Simply add the supplier to be paid to your bill file on Desjardins Bank Online Banking. Have the supplier's bill on hand to have all the information required. You can pay your bills on Desjardins Bank Online Banking without using the detachable part of the remittance slip or having to send a check.

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Desjardins Bank Online Banking users
  • Select List of Accounts, under the Accounts tab, and click on the Click here for Bill Payment link under the list of your accounts.
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