Get or change a PIN

Assign a PIN to your Desjardins Bank MasterCard credit card to get cash advances:

  • at any ATM displaying the MasterCard or Cirrus logo, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the world, including Desjardins ATMs in Canada, and
  • at any Desjardins Bank teller counter. Note that cash advances may not be obtained at Desjardins caisse teller counters in Canada.
Act now
By phone By phone
Customer service:
  • ATIRAcreditSM: 1-888-4-ATIRA-1 (1-888-428-4721)
  • Desjardins Bank: 1-800-454-5058
At the branch At the branch
Make an appointment with an advisor at a Desjardins Bank branch.

SM: ATIRA® is a registered service mark and ATIRAcreditSM is a service mark of The Members Group, Inc.